Harvesting pole 26 Feet

Harvesting Pole 26 Feet set

What Is a Harvesting Pole? A Harvesting telescopic Pole is a type of  Harvesting tool for Oil palms attached to a Sickle, Sickle safety cover,  Two Poles jointing Clamp, Hand Grip, and End Cap. You can use a Harvesting Pole set to Harvest Fresh Fruit bunches and fronds in Oil Palm fields. This tool is very Light in weight, better in performance and tensile strength. It is useful to increase productivity in less time.

The Pole Size is 13.2 feet + 13.2 feet = 26.4 feet

It is useful to harvest oil palm trees from 13 feet to 26 feet.

Outer Pole  Outer diameter 42 mm, Inner Pole Outer diameter 38 mm

Rs. 6300


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